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Life-force, prana, Chi, universal energy, is flowing through your being.

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”Albert Einstein

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Kundalini energy is a powerful and transformative force that is said to lie dormant at the base of the spine, in the root chakra. When awakened, this energy can rise up through the chakras, unlocking higher levels of consciousness and leading to profound spiritual experiences.

The process of awakening the Kundalini can be challenging, as it can bring up deep-seated emotional issues and physical sensations.

However, with good understanding and patience, the awakening of Kundalini will be a life-changing experience that brings greater awareness, clarity, and inner peace.

It is important to approach the awakening of Kundalini with respect and humility, as it is a powerful force that can bring about both positive and negative effects. With the right mindset and preparation, however, the awakening of Kundalini can be a transformative journey towards self-realization and spiritual growth.

KAP is a direct kundalini transmission of bio-energy or life-force that activates the awakening of Kundalini. It facilitates a gradual activation while accelerating your kundalini rewiring in a gentle yet powerful way.

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Awaken your dormant energy

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Once this energy re enters our body and energetic field a process begins to free you from what no longer serves you. You are vibrating higher, from your true authenticity and start living the life that is aligned with your true nature.

embrace the process of becoming the person you were meant to be.

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Unlock Your Potential - The Magic is Within You

Every person has a unique path in life that is shaped by their experiences, values, and beliefs. However, there are two common themes that are fundamental to a fulfilling life: personal growth and contribution.

By striving to become the best version of ourselves and making a positive difference in the lives of others, we can find meaning, purpose, and fulfillment in our lives.

The journey towards spirital Awakening shapes us into better versions of ourselves, molding our character and allowing us grow as individuals.

Actively seeking to reconnect with our authentic self, our Divinity. To remember where we come from, our essence, our source. Remember that we were never born and we will never die, that we are eternal beings. Is the root of spiritual transformation and personal growth. With in this transformation our ability find compassion and to contribute, blossoms. And so, ultimately culminates in a fulfilling life.

The magic is with in you.

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Deep insights and realisation

Strengthened intuition

Shifts in perception of reality

Increased clarity

Enhanced senses

Capacity to feel deeply while maintaining equanimity

Access to deeper states of consciousness

Sense of purpose and direction

Spiritual growth.

Removes energetic blocks.

Connects you to your Higher Self/source.

KAP energy builds on itself and deepens the experience each time its received.

Many students report that KAP has helped them with anxiety/depression

Deeper connection with oneself

Living with an open heart

Inner knowing and wisdom

Blissful states of being

Experiencing non-dual states or oneness

Embodiment, fostering a profound integration of mind,

body, and spirit

Early or later signs of kundalini awakening

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Identifying the Obstacles

Transitioning into the Creation Process.

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Release energy for creation - Unblock your centres

Are you Closed or Stuck. In a life role that is not you? Uninspired, bored or lost Without purpose. Waiting for change of circumstances that never quite manifest? Perhaps everything on the outside is fine but on the inside you are stagnating or hovering in a state of permanent anticipation?

Break Through Boundaries

Are you on a path to Find Your Inner Strength and Courage? It's time to break out of your comfort zone and smash that invisible ceiling holding you back from unleashing your full fabulosity! The next level is waiting. time to Release the weight of anything or any thought that is no longer serving you.

manifest something new

Yearning for a new adventure. To Open up to new perspectives and possibilities. Envisioning a future that is different from current reality. It may be a new relationship, a new job, a new home or simply a new way of living. By aligning our vibration with our higher selves, we create a powerful energy that attracts opportunities and resources to us.

Expand your consciousness

To take your spiritual journey to new heights. Explore expanded consciousness. Connect with the truth of reality. Tap into a higher state of awareness to gain insights and clarity that are not accessible in our everyday state of mind. Cultivate a sense of unity and interconnectedness with all beings and the universe as a whole.

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Through the process of my own kundalini awakening and opened energy channel coupled with the linages carried by the Master Venant Wong I have become a conduit to transmit spiritual energy to the willing recipient.

This practice assists the recipient energise and harmonise their energy centres, to clear blockages, increase their overall vitality and balance their entire energetic system.

During a KAP session, the I may use various techniques such as light touch, hand gestures, verbal sound and eye contact to transmit the energy. The recipient may feel a range of sensations such as heat, tingling, vibrations/cell oscillating, body movement or a deep sense of relaxation and or bliss during the transmission.

The effects of energy transmissions can be long-lasting and transformative, leading to a deeper connection with oneself and the universe.

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“KAP is a blend of what has traditionally been considered different schools of thought and systems of practice — from the energy transmission of non-dual states of consciousness to the physical embodiment of energies. And it is this unique blend or combination that makes it so effective in changing people’s lives.”

Venant Wong

KAP is a powerful practice in the field of spiritual transformation.

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Find open class

Different ways you can experience KAP

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Open Classes

Online KAP Open classes work in a similar way to 'in person' classes. It provides an opportunity to experience this energy from whereever you are in world & being in your own space

online kap

Online KAP Open classes work in a similar way to 'in person' classes. It provides an opportunity to experience this energy from whereever you are in world & being in your own space. You canalso book private sessions.

Private and Semi-Private

Semi private KAP at Shepperton has a max of 4 participants. This can provide a much more intimate session. participants will also benefit from extra individual focus on their fields due to the smaller ratio of facilitator to participant.

Private Sessions are an opportunity to have a one-to-one experience which the facilitator focusing solely on your energy field.


Retreating from your daily life even for one day can offer an excellent chance to surrender much more than you are able to in a one hour transmission.

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Non Duality

Immersions & Intensive Retreats

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The immersive nature of these 1 & 2 day retreats allows the transmission force to penetrate into the being at a level that the open classes cannot reach.

To book Immersion Retreats please email for a booking code.

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Feedback from Attendees

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Frequently Asked Questions

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I have no previous experience with energy, can I still attend?

YES! Experienced or not, the best way to show up for a KAP class is with a beginners mind. If you are sensitive to this energy it has nothing to do with experience, KAP is a transmission, not a practise. All you have to do is to relax and have an open mind. It's about feeling, not knowing.

What is the difference between a KAP transmission in person & online?

The online classes are not much different to the in person classes. Some people are more comfortable to relax and receive the energy in a group setting while others are more comfortable in their homes. This can affect the intensity one feels in a session. Some people find the energy to be slightly milder online while others feel like it's equally powerful. Beginners might need one or a few more classes to activate than they would have in person. The transmission is still powerful online, just not always to the degree of an in person class.

Can I start with a Weekend Immersion?

You can. However, we recommend you to try an open class first. The energy builds for each time you attend and this will allow for a deeper experience in the Weekend Immersion. After trying an open class you will know how sensitive you are to the energy and if you'd like to go deeper.

Can KAP physically heal my body?

KAP is not a substitute for medical or psychological attention, examination, diagnosis or treatment. This process is mainly for spiritual growth and deepening of consciousness. However, many students do report physical healings early on, after only one or a few sessions. But of course this is not guaranteed, nor is it the primary purpose of KAP.

Who should not do KAP?

KAP is not recommended for those prone to mania, delusion or psychosis. As this process will expand your capacity to feel you will have to be able to handle the emotional process in between sessions. If this is too difficult to handle on your own, we recommend you not to continue with the sessions.

I am pregnant, can I still attend a class?

If you are pregnant and in your third trimester we recommend you to wait until after birth to continue with the transmissions. Before third trimester is ok as long as you are feeling well and can without problems participate in activities such as gym or yoga. Always let your facilitator know that you are pregnant before a KAP session. It is the clients responsibility to know their individual limitations recommended by their doctor and to be aware of what positions to avoid that can be harmful to mother or baby.

I am depressed/anxious, can I still attend a class?

Yes. Many students report that KAP helped them with their anxiety/depression. Just be aware of that if you're on antidepressant medication there's a possibility you'll be less sensitive to the energy.

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Feedback from Attendees

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About Phillippa

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Phillippa gail, BA Hons, Dip RTh, GQHP, Ct Hyp.

BA Honours Degree, certified Hypnotherapist, certified Regression Therapist, meditation coach, Level 2 certified KAP Facilitator, Level 2 Reiki practitioner and Red Cross trained First Aider.

Registered with the following:

GHR - General Hypnotherapy Register.

Reg CNHC - Complementary Natural Health Council.

UK Reiki Federation.

I was trained and accredited directly by the transmission vehicle and founder of KAP, venant wong for both trainings.

Level 1- kundalini life-force energy channel in 2019.

level 2- a channel for Non Duality states of awareness in 2022.

During my journey as a KAP Facilitator for Venant Wong I have had the privilege of sharing the energy activation with around 2000 participants. This experience has not only allowed me to develop professionally but has also provided me with a deep understanding of the unique spiritual evolution that occurs within each individual.

I had my first experience of kundalini awakening 25 years ago, during which I have had multiple highs and lows, but I can say with 100% confidence KAP has been one of my very most valued tools in actualising the blessing.

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Journeying to the Centre of Your Spirit &Embrace Your Supernatural Self!




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