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Kundalini Non Dual 2 Day Immersion Retreat

Bisley yurt - Surrey UK

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Dates Available:

28th & 29th JUNE, 2024

17th & 18th August, 2024

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How will it benefit me?

You will be deeply immersed in this specific transmission energy for 2 full days. The focus on this course is the full and actual embodiment of the kundalini force, right down from the crown, through all the chakras into the base of the body.

  • Deep insights and realisations
  • Strengthened intuition
  • Shifts in perception of reality
  • Increased clarity
  • Enhanced senses
  • Capacity to feel deeply while maintaining equanimity
  • Access to deeper states of consciousness
  • Sense of purpose and direction
  • Deeper connection with oneself
  • Living with an open heart
  • Inner knowing and wisdom
  • Blissful states of being
  • Experiencing non-dual states or oneness
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What to expect?

Through the demonstrations, discussions, sharing & direct experience, you will:

  • Go deeper to facilitate a deeper embodiment experience and accelerate Kundalini development.

  • Learn about the range of energy types in people as well as the range of experiences that are most commonly encountered, from the earliest kundalini responses to later stage phenomena.

  • Specific focus on the embodiment of the spirit force into the physical body at the cellular level.

  • Be able to distinguish between a fully embodied energetic transmission versus a dis-embodied out of the body style transmission.

The second day will include a direct transmission of non dual states of awareness as a fundamental background to the awakening of kundalini. Primordial natural awareness and experience of oneness. The increased level of kundalini in the participants (particularly in the 3rd eye) allows for a heightened receptivity to this non dual state. Many participants have a direct experience of their true Self beyond anything they have imagined or conceived of previously´╗┐.

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Whats included?

Two whole days of transmissions

Kundalini activation process transmissions

Opening of the energetic system and priming for Non-Duality awareness

Two Non Dual transmissions

Beautiful farmland setting

Intimate Sharing Circles and feedback.

like minded community

Fresh seasonal fruit for lunch break

(you can bring additional light packed lunch if you wish)

Prepare for the retreat by:

bringing: some cosy socks and /or blanket in colder months


A mat/Blanket to lie on.

Wearing comfortable clothing.

Avoiding alcohol or drugs.

Eating light (fruit or veggies)

Clearing your evenings for INTEGRATION after the sessions

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1st Day Only Ticket

A Only few a First day only tickets will be released for this event.

This day will consist 2 KAP sessions

Retreating from your daily life even for one KAP day can offer an excellent chance to bathe longer and surrender much more than you are able to accomplish in a one hour transmission.

Second Day only tickets will not be available

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Kundalini Non Dual 2 Day Immersion Retreat

Bisley yurt - Surrey UK

Email TodayFor Booking Code