Phillippa &

Assisted by Clara

Immersion 2 Day Retreat

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Senate Spa, Bristol UK

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Ignite Your

Passion, Unleash Your Purpose

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Raising Life-Force energy back into your body affects every aspect of your day to day life and results in you making lifestyle choices more suited for YOU, your health, and your life purpose.

Are you ready to dive deeper knowing who you are and what you're meant to do in the world?

The path to your greatest PoTEnTiAL

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What you can Expect

Participants typically report having deep insights or realisations, strengthened intuition, shifts in perception of reality, more clarity, developed senses, a capacity to feel more deeply, deeper states of consciousness, a sense of purpose, deeper connection to themselves, living with a more open heart, inner knowing, bliss states, experiencing non-dual states or oneness…the list goes on.

Discover the path to inner peace

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Kundalini Life Force Activation & Non Duality

Two Day Immersion Retreat

enjoy every moment of your life

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What's included?

Two whole days of transmissions

Kundalini activation process transmissions

Opening of the energetic system and priming for Non-Duality awareness

2 different non Dual transmissions

Beautiful court yard to enjoy

Intimate Sharing Circles with a like minded community

Fresh seasonal Fruit snacks

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Non Duality Transmission

This distinct energy transmission invokes states of pure consciousness. Participants can experience spiritual embodiment, connection, a new understanding that comes from the body within the transmissions. This primordial natural awareness opens up as limitless possibilities that exist when the mind, body and spirit are aligned in one field of consciousness.

Separation dissolves.

The illusion is lifted and we seething as they truly are.

Women laying in supported corpse pose in restorative yoga
Young attractive woman in Corpse pose, studio floor background
Yoga class, savasana and people relax, calm and peace community for holistic fitness and mental health training. Holiday friends on floor in the corpse pose for wellness, spiritual healing and zen
Women practicing yoga position and head massage. Shavasana or Corpse pose
Hand Drawn Flower
Winding path through green forest

Deep diving

into your heart

Restorative Yoga with a Bolster. Group of Three Young Sporty Attractive Women in Yoga Studio, Lying on Bolster Cushion, Stretching and Relaxing during Restorative Yoga. Healthy Active Lifestyle

The principle of pure oneness expresses that you are one with the universe, with nature and all living beings. It is not an altered state of consciousness. It is an expansion of consciousness and living in the present moment.

It allows you to know the true nature of reality.

Are you ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation?



Phillippa &

Assisted by Clara

Immersion 2 Day Retreat

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Senate Spa, Bristol UK

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